Farewell Old Posts


I’ve made the choice to delete all my old post. Many got to know intimate details of my life but I had no identity. I started writing because I was hopeless and didn’t know any other way to cope. I have moved beyond and I’m back..

I’m still working on forgiveness. I know that everyone is born pure. I think ‘The Monster’ was attacked by evil spirits early in his life. I don’t know, maybe some people are magnets to that and have to fight hard to keep them away. He didn’t have a very christian upbringing leaving him vulnerable. How I can say his name and the word vulnerable in the same sentence is beyond me. This is the only way I know to move forward.

When I had broken bones or my children saw him hurting me is what I call vulnerable. A little child that knows nothing other than what they’re formed into is vulnerable. We survived and we are who we are today because of it. God never gives us more than we can handle. I’ve questioned this for so many years but kept faith that is was true.

I use to sit in my flower beds pulling weeds for hours back then. I was hopeless and mad at God. I thought he turned his back on me and the entire time I had turned my back on him. He is always here, he is the spirit inside us.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice



About United States Of Leslie

Since I was a child all I wanted to do was write. The words my father said to me that molded my self worth was "You're not college material", I let that define me. Later, during my first marriage and after the birth of my first child my mental illness began to escalate until medical intervention was necessary. Eventually I self destructed and with that my marriage ended. In 1997 I met my second husband and I had two daughters. I often refer to him as "the monster". I suffered in domestic violence for twelve years. In 2006 I finally gained the courage to take my children and leave while he was at work. I packed my jeep full of the kids belongings and drove off with no destination in site other than freedom. In 2009 I met my soul mate Trace on Twitter. This is where life begin for me. The stories only grow in glory and self awakening. I've lived.. I have 40 years worth of stories. I believe that God gave me all these valleys to cross. With these experiences I'm traveling to the top of a euphoric mountain leading to heaven. I think my testimonies are one of my many ministries I must fill in this life. I will inspire others. I've been everything from beat down, to homeless and morally bankrupt. I'm going to just write from my heart. I'm currently in a love affair with God. Every day my relationship with him grows. I've had a void that I couldn't fill for a long time. God filled me full of his spirit and I'm on this adventure every day to see what he will show me. I am love.. ~ Glory Be God ~

I Respect Your Opinion

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